OAG-CELEBRATES-50YRSThe staff of the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) planted 1000 trees at Ha Potsane Mohaleshoek as they celebrated 50 years of existence on the 24th May 2013.

At the same occasion the OAG also created community awareness on the role of the office in ensuring accountability and transparency in governance.

The Auditor General, Mrs. Lucy Liphafa said the OAG ensures funds allocated to ministries by Parliament are utilised properly.

"We conduct follow up on funds allocated to ministries by parliament to ensure that they are used for the intended purpose and within the set time hence need for the public to inform us about any irregularities with regard to activities or projects planned", she highlighted.

At the same event, the Assistant Auditor General, Mrs. Manako Ramonate said they are faced with the challenge of lack of staff and high staff turnover.

On behalf of the Principal Chief of Likueneng, Chief Malebanye Malebanye commended OAG for planting the trees in the area as to engage in community developmental activities.

He assured protection of the trees through collaborative efforts with the public in order to revive biodiversity in the area.

Mr. Neo Mothokho who is the District Forestry Coordinator commended the chief for protective previous development of forest trees planted in the area saying that when properly planted and protected, the trees grow peacefully and together with grass.

The Office of the Auditor General was established in April 1963 with the aim to promote sustainable public accountability and transparency by producing professional auditing services to all stakeholders.


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This year the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) celebrates 50 years of service. In commemorating this auspicious occasion, the office intends to engage in community services and awareness activities where the public will be informed about the role

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